Rising waters in the Yellowstone River are complicating efforts by Exxon Mobile to clean up an oil spill in Montana. Melting mountain snow is causing the waterway to swell and preventing ground crews from accessing affected areas.

Alicia Acuna reports on the latest, including an update from the National Weather Service that the river will reach its highest point today, exacerbating the problem. Gary Pruessing, president of the Exxon Mobil Pipeline Co. says, "We understand this is a very serious event, we understand that we need to get our full arms around where the exposure areas are, we have not fully completed that yet, so we continue to look downstream to make sure that we've identified all the areas that we need to address."

But property owners in the area are very concerned about crude oil exposure in the water and lapping up on to the bank - so far, at least two people have been hospitalized with symptoms residents believe to be related to the spill.

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